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The Paleopathology Newsletter (PPNL) is issued quarterly. Subscription to the PPNL is restricted to Individual Members of the PPA. Archived Newsletters can be found in the For Members Only section of our website. For information on how to become a member and subscription fees see the Join Us section of the website. 

Questions? Contact our Secretary

PPA Newsletter June 2024 is on the making! 

Send your...

Interesting activities you were / are involved in that may be of interest to our Membership,
news from the field (from every corner of the world!),
field school announcements and reports (including virtual ones!),
reports (and impressions or notes) on any past meetings,
curious cases in paleopathology that you may have come across  
research requests or announcements,
conference and meeting notifications,
job posting, with connection to paleopathology (aDNA or bioarchaeology)
book announcements,
your ideas and innovations to share about 
education in Paleopathology,
any other ideas you may have and would like to share!

As we head into the PPA's 50th Anniversary Year, we would also love to hear about your personal and professional experiences and reflections as members.

Deadline: May 20, 2024

PPNL Editorial Board

Editor: J. Marla Toyne (

Associate Editors:

Christian Meyer ( Europe

Sherry Fox ( - Eastern Mediterranean

Maria Ostendorf Smith ( - United States

Maria Victoria Monsalve ( - Canada

Sheila Maria Mendonca de Souza ( - Latin America 

Annie Sohler ( - Oceania/Pacific Rim 

Solange Bohling ( - Annotated Bibliography

Andrea Waters-Rist ( - Dissertation Abstracts

Natasa Sarkic ( - Website links

Addalyn Borghardt ( - Proof-reader 

Guidelines for contributions

Please note that the PPA Newsletter will not publish Case Reports or similar papers which should be submitted to peer-reviewed journals for potential publication. The only exception are reflective papers that present replies to studies published in earlier issues of the PPNL. The PPA Newsletter is publishing members’ articles and short reports on items such as relevant conferences, conference reflections, new (i.e. recent) excavations of interest to the PPA Membership, newly available collections, new research venues, materials of diagnostic interest (e.g. ‘Curious Cases’) that require other members’ help and / or input regarding a possible diagnosis, and similar items of interest.

Text: All manuscripts must be written in English. The preferred font is Times New Roman, 12 point. 

Illustrations: Please submit electronic files as separate additions to your text file in JPEG format. For electronic files, the images must be scanned or objects photographed at 600 d.p.i (minimum resolution), to produce a good clear image at the size to be printed in the Newsletter. Images scanned at low resolutions are not suitable for printed publications, and cannot be used. 

Annotated Bibliography: Send us the references of recent articles published in lesser-known locations in the last few months on paleopathology topics. There is no need to send references from AJBA, JAS, IJO, or BAI, as paleopathology articles from these journals will be listed in the annotated bibliography anyway. The references can be in any language, but if you could send in a 1-2 sentence summary of the content in English that would be really helpful.  We will correct the English if this is not your first language. Please submit these references using the AJBA format for citations.

 The PPA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
For information or queries, please contact our Communications and Publicity Liaison

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